Miss.Khiladi – The Perfect Player 2016 HD Trailer


Miss Khiladi – The Perfect Player
The Name itself says much about the Movie.
The Story Revolves around Sonia, Ashok, Vijay, Shobha and Sunil.
When the Hunger of Money influence the Mind deeply, that’s the Point the Person becomes the Player in the Game of Power and Lust.
All main Characters in the Movie are Playing their Part but only one who will survive in it will become the Real “Khiladi” of the Game.


Director :– Dheeraj Bharti
Producer :- Shree Sutram Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., B.R.Sharma Films Pvt. Ltd., Festiva Enterprises
Director of Photography (D.O.P) :- Sahil J. Ansari
Music Director :- D.J.Bharali
Editor :- Komal Verma
Creative Consultant :- Azaad Bharti
Distributor :- Trupti Entertainment (Haresh Sanghani)
P.R. :- Dwapar Promoters (Himanshu Jhunjhunwala)

Cast Credits:-

Vijay is Played by Aarav Singh
Sonia is Played by Sanna Kapoor
Shobha is Played by Ankita Parmar
Sunil is Played by Amit Kantoor
Ashok is Played Shiv Kikod
Inspector Sidhdharth is Played by Ajay Singh